Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: April 16th, 2014

Photo Credit: Green Slate Blog, 04/08/13

In an age where the digital reigns supreme, and technological advances provide cost and time-saving solutions to everyday activities, roadside farm stands remind us of a simpler, more honest time in our agricultural history.

Driving through Langley’s back roads and rural countryside, you will see roadside stands selling everything from freshly picked berries, to free range organic eggs.  Farmers are amoung the most trusting and honest workers of our time, and their continued use of an old-style payment method – the honour system, is a testament to their way of life.  They are leveraging personal moral codes as a form of security and it’s all part of the experience for customers who rave about the process.  Relying on the integrity of others may seem like a big risk, but in Langley, it’s an everyday occurrence that seems to be working.

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: April 9th, 2014


One of my favorite pastimes is visiting the local wineries and then experimenting with unusual food and wine matches, including “shabby-chic” combos, such as bubbles from Backyard Vineyards and potato chips. For me, these high-low pairings not only taste delicious together, but they also pierce the pretentious notion that wine is only for special occasions and fancy food.

Do you ever struggle on how to pair red and white wines with appropriate foods? Well you’ve got nothing to worry about, because anything goes! When you visit a Langley winery, the knowledgeable staff will help you find foods that will marry best with their particular product. Sometimes they even share samples of those great pairings.

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Contributor: Kristyl Clark | Date: April 1st, 2014

otentik1If you’re looking for an unforgettable family adventure without having to leave ‘the Valley,’ I’ve got the perfect trip for your clan — one that will transport you way back in time. And no, a time machine isn’t required for this blast to the past. Starting in May, Fort Langley National Historic Site will once again be welcoming campers to stay overnight in one of their oTENTiks located inside the Fort’s palisade walls.

Last Fall, my family and a few other bloggers and their clans were invited to try out this truly unique  ’glamping’ experience firsthand — being avid campers, it was an invitation we simply couldn’t refuse. Even though a thick, hazy fog had rolled in onto the grounds and the temperature was pretty chilly, this was hands-down one of the most ‘spooktacular’ adventures we’ve been on.

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: March 26th, 2014


The sun is shining (okay it comes and goes), the birds are out, and everyone seems a lot more chipper these days. Spring is upon us, which means for many, it’s time to start prepping and planting our gardens. If you’re new to horticulture, and not sure where to begin, there are a number of great nurseries and farm markets in Langley where questions are encouraged, and classes are offered. Cedar Rim Nursery is situated on 45 acres with an additional 100 acres in production, making them the largest retail nursery in British Columbia. Besides offering classes and seminars for gardeners of all ages, their website also hosts a plethora of helpful hints when it comes to creating your ideal garden landscaping, or small space balcony greenhouse.

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: March 19th, 2014

Finally! The under-appreciated vegetable is being recognized with a dedicated day to celebrate it in British Columbia. March 20th, which fittingly coincides with the first day of Spring has been dubbed as “BC Veggie Day” and according to tomorrow’s inaugural celebration is timed in coordination with “the annual springtime arrival of locally grown greenhouse veggies from BC’s 42 Greenhouse Growers located throughout the Lower Mainland.”

Although this year’s activities are taking place in Vancouver, the Township of Langley ranks second in the province for total greenhouse area, which accounts for 23.6% in Metro Vancouver, and 14.4% in BC. Don’t forget to ask for BC Greenhouse Grown vegetables in your grocery store. Let’s encourage our friends, family members, and local restauranteurs to serve fresh, local ingredients.

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