Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: October 29th, 2014


It began with a drive to Fort Langley. I don’t know about you, but I know that it is going to be a good day when it begins with a drive to Fort Langley. When I reach the intersection at 88th Avenue and Glover Road I always feel like I’ve entered into some other world, a historic realm, where everything seems to go at a more leisurely and peaceful pace. Sure, you might have to circle once, or twice, to find a parking spot, but when the view is this quaint I don’t mind the extra drive.

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: October 22nd, 2014
Photo Credit: BC Buzz on Facebook

Photo Credit: BC Buzz on Facebook

I don’t know why I find the honour stand system so enthralling. Perhaps it’s merely a reflection of the way our world currently is that I find myself stunned, and asking in wonder: “you mean there isn’t anyone there?” If you haven’t noticed these stands before now I guarantee that you will start seeing them everywhere. From eggs to flowers, Langley is full of these self-service stands. These stands are a fairly common phenomenon here in Langley, but the BC Buzz Honey Corporation has brought the next level of honour-system sales to Langley. After being so well-received at local farmer’s markets, BC Buzz set up the most adorable self-serve stand you ever did see. It’s cartoony, it’s unexpected, and it’s quite simply genius!

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: October 15th, 2014
Photo Credit: J on Flickr

Photo Credit: J on Flickr

It’s pumpkin time! From September to October it seems there is something pumpkin flavoured everywhere you look! Which I am completely okay with – I love a good pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin scones, or jack-o-lantern! I definitely jump on the pumpkin bandwagon when autumn rolls around.

Here in Langley if you want the real deal pumpkin, we’ve got a few places you can go pick ‘em yourself!

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: October 8th, 2014
Photo Credit: @fortwineco on Instagram

Photo Credit: @fortwineco on Instagram

In my opinion, the first true sign of autumn is not fallen leaves, nor crisp cool days, but the annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival! As always, the popular event falls on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving long-weekend. This year marks the 19th annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival taking place on October 11th 2014. This one day festival in Fort Langley celebrates the harvest of these tart little berries. Cranberries are a major commercial crop in Fort Langley, and BC as a whole produces more than 5,800 acres of these little red gems. A good portion of them are destined for Ocean Spray to be turned into various cranberry products, while some stay right here in our community and are turned into delicious wine, chocolate covered treats, syrups, and more!

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Contributor: Tourism Langley | Date: September 30th, 2014


To visitors and residents, Langley is a magnificent showcase of the past, present and future.  When you look to Langley, one quickly learns of the historical and cultural values that have earned the communities respectful place in literature and maps, but this is also the home to folklore and many little known or quirky facts.

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